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Family Law Alaska Resources:

Web Site
Alaska Court System Domestic Relations Forms Forms and publications for dissolution, Parenting Agreement, change of custody and child support, support modification, and domestic violence proceedings
Alaska Family Law Self-Help Center How to use the Family Law Self-Help Center, domestic forms, Alaska Marriage Code (Title 25), Contact Information
Alaska Child Support Services Division Child support forms, payment information, case-specific payment information, and an online support calculator
Alaska Network on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Programs, Legal Advocacy Project Pro Bono Program, statistics, lending library, links

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General Alaska Law Resources:

Web Site
Alaska Legal Resource Center Alaska case law, Alaska statutes and regulations, and special interest items
Alaska Court System Alaska Court forms & publications, Court Rules, Court calendars, Case Management System, legal resources
Alaska Supreme Court Opinions Alaska Supreme Court Slip Opinions
Alaska State Legislature Bill information, current Alaska Statutes, current Alaska Administrative Code
Alaska Legislative History Resources Bills (1983 - current), session laws (1981 - current), House and Senate Journals (1987 - current), and committee minutes (1982 - current)
Statewide Library Electronic Doorway (SLED) Alaska state library system information resources
Alaska Mediation Information Court publications, Alaska Dispute Settlement Association directory and information, Alaska Bar Association mediation information
Alaska Dispute Settlement Association Mediation directory, resource library, news, links

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Family Law Resources:

Web Site
American Bar Association, Family Law Section Family law articles, links
American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers News, headlines, hot topics, family law articles, links
Cornell Legal Information Institute (LII)--Family Law Family Law references, law summaries, internet resources
Georgetown Law Library: Family Law Links Family law legal materials, government resources
Family Law Organization Family law statutes by state, custody articles, sample custody, visitation, and time share orders, attorney directory
Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) Child Support news, reports, resources, policy documents, state systems, links

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Family Law Non-Lawyer Sites:

These sites are provided for information only; they are not endorsed in any way. These are the sites that some clients are using to obtain their information (correct and incorrect) about family law.

Web Site
FindLaw -- Family Law Family Law Resources, law summaries published by West
Divorce Headquarters Divorce articles, child support calculators, links, divorce attorney directory, mediator directory
Divorce Source Divorce articles, news, publications, forms, attorney directory, attorney web pages (clearly commercial site)
Split Divorce laws, software, divorce attorney directory, calculators, financial information
Divorce Central Laws by state, articles, news, links
Divorce Information Laws by state, articles, news, links
Divorce Online Articles, news
Divorce Magazine Online divorce magazine, divorce news, articles, books, resources, links, attorney web pages
Divorce Helpline Webworks A short course on divorce, publications, message board
About Divorce Support Child support articles, divorce articles, news, legalities Adoption legal resources, advice, discussion groups, newsletter, links
My Lawyer Articles, publications, news
The Lawyer Pages Online legal advice and services, legal news, government sites, attorney directory
US Law Family law questions and answer, videos, publications
Outlaws Legal Service Family law resources, divorce cases, legal publications, government resources

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Attorney Listings & Directories:

Web Site
Alaska Bar Association Alaska attorneys, sections and committees, contact information
Martindale Hubbell Martindale-Hubbell online, attorney directory, lawyer home page service
All Law Articles on family law, sample forms, calculators, links (endorsed by ATLA); has Attorney Locate -- a directory for attorneys

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